Transformer Films, based in New York City, is a production company specializing in documentaries that interrogate and dissect accepted narratives.


Founded by veteran investigative journalists Bob Coen and Eric Nadler in 2003, their
award-winning films on international geopolitics, have been aired by the world’s leading broadcasters, including ARTE Europe, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, NHK Japan, Aljazeera, National Geographic and PBS.

Current Projects

Hitler’s Jewish Prophet
In association with ZED, France and Áhkku Vision, Finland

​​The strange but true story of “Hitler’s Psychic”, Erik Jan Hanussen, who assisted the Nazis' rise to power while keeping his Jewish identity secret. The occultist was murdered in March 1933 soon after he predicted the infamous Reichstag fire which was used to justify Hitler’s assumption of dictatorial powers.


Hanussen’s death at the hands of Storm troopers in Berlin as well as his prominent role promoting the bizarre ”magical thinking” behind Nazi ideology became a taboo topic and disappeared into the mists of history… until now.


Did a Nobel Peace Prize-winning arms control agency yield to political pressure and lie about poison gas attacks in Syria to justify Western military intervention?

For three decades, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has worked to eliminate the scourge of chemical weapons. But whistleblowers have emerged and this lauded organization is now mired in an ugly scandal which questions the impartiality of its activities and the political loyalties of top officials.

An explosive investigation into a story the media has refused to cover.

To Stand and Fight
In association with Black Chalk Media and Áhkku Vision, Finland

​Carlo, a young gang member decides to leave his life on the streets to investigate the high-profile police killing of his great-grandfather, a Black WWII combat veteran, in the suburbs of New York in 1946.

The shooting of this soldier in uniform prompted public outrage and a Grand Jury investigation and became instrumental in President Truman’s decision to desegregate the US military and an important building block for the civil rights struggle.

Carlo’s journey of self-healing forces him to confront the trauma the shooting inflicted on four generations of his family and the deep racism of New York’s Long Island.

Origins of the Pandemic
In association with ZED France

Did the COVID-19 pandemic occur naturally or is it the result of something that leaked from a laboratory?

The “lab origin” hypothesis, once maligned as a conspiracy theory, is now taken seriously by many scientists thanks, in large part, to a group of skeptical virologists, molecular biologists and other “scientist detectives” uncovering clues about the virus.Their mission has been derided by powerful political and economic interests. And their reputations are on the line. But they persevere.

A scientific detective story for our troubled times.

Behind the Walls

The controversies over US President Trump’s wall along the Mexican border and the calls for “Fortress Europe” in the wake of the refugee crisis ignore a development vital to understanding how and why the vast majority of the planet’s citizens are today being denied the basic right of free movement.

The film examines the rapid growth of the highly-profitable “border-industrial complex”, a consortium of military and security companies that has garnered almost unchecked influence within the corridors of power while avoiding public scrutiny.  

An investigation into the economics of repression.

Past Projects