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Deadly Depths

Deadly depths.jpg

In association with Georama TV Productions, ARTE France, Japan Broadcasting Corporation NHK and Macguff

All around the world, more than one million tons of discarded chemical weapons are lying underwater, near our coasts. 

From 1917 to 1970, armies systematically dumped these mortal poisons into oceans all over the world. Little by little, the active substances within are being released. Why did politicians and military commanders make this decision? What are the consequences on maritime life and on our health? 

This 2-year investigation explores the issue in all its dimensions and searches for solutions.

Winner of the Prince Rainier III Special Prize at the 2014 Monte-Carlo Television Festival, the Gold Panda Award at Sichuan TV Festival, a Deauville Green Award at the International Film Festival for Sustainable Development and Ecology and the Nausicaa Prize at the Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-Marine.

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