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ERIC NADLER is a U.S.-based filmmaker, television producer, screenwriter and author. His journalism has been published in Rolling Stone, Harper’s The Nation, The New Republic, Mother Jones and ProPublica. His independent films were featured on PBS, the Sundance Channel, and Court TV in the United States and broadcast internationally. His theatrical documentary Stealing The Fire (2002), on the nuclear weapons black market, was nominated for Feature Documentary of the Year by the International Documentary Association. 

BOB COEN has spent more than 30 years deconstructing accepted narratives about the world around us. He got his start documenting the anti-colonial and anti-apartheid struggles in southern Africa where he grew up and e went on to become CNN’s roaming Africa correspondent for ten years, winning the Prix Bayeux in 1997 for best television war correspondent. Since 2001 he has concentrated on investigative documentaries focusing on the geo-politics of the 21st Century. His films have been broadcast by the world’s leading broadcasters and have been recognized with several international awards.